Successful Social Networking:

Grow your professional & personal relationships!


Social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are the first places recruiters, employers and others will look when they are considering contacting you. Make sure you are found by the right people and your profile looks the most inviting and professional. In this training, Daniel will teach you how to:

  • Choose the best profile, picture, tagline & summary

  • Build your social media “brand”

  • Highlight your past experiences in the best light

  • Connect with others to build relationships and find jobs

  • Use advanced search techniques that will allow find the right people

  • Grow your professional & personal relationships.

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Become A Job Development Ninja!Become a Job Development Ninja

Learn secret moves from master job developer, Daniel Michael Including the 5 “C”‘s:

  • Connect: Ways to increase In-person contacts with employers
  • Consult: Avoid the pitfalls of “selling” your clients
  • Circumvent: By-pass standard hiring processes
  • Collaborate: Methods to work with others to make placements
  • Close: Getting employers to interview and hire your client

This was a training I did on Friday, April 27th, 2012 at Catholic Charities in San Jose for the South Bay BACED. You can see the full training for free on You Tube by clicking on related videos. Also, you can email me to bring the training to you and your agency.