Nonprofit Startup Planning and Implementation

  • Develop strategic plans detailing board development, program design, funding and budget
  • Created over successful 16 startup programs within nonprofits
  • Develop marketing plans including social media, e-news, website and outreach
  • Submit nonprofit start-up paperwork for 501c3: Bylaws, F1023, FTB3500, 990’s

Fund Development and Management

  • Acquired over 2 million dollars in annual California State Department of Rehabilitation contracts
  • Developed revenue streams: 1) Restaurant: Cafe Phoenix 2) Building maintenance: Hire-Ability Janitorial 3) Fulfillment center: H.A. Assembly & Packaging 4) IT Help-desk services: i-Ability
  •  Oversaw and maintained NISH federal landscaping and janitorial contracts: Travis Air Force Base, Concord Naval Weapons Base and Oakland Naval Hospital
  • Acquire SAMSHA, PIC, State Personnel Board, CDBG and other grants

Design, Implementation and Compliance

  • Design and implement vocational assessment, training, placement and coaching programs
  • Achieved highest 3-year CARF accreditations for employment service program designs
  • Designed successful $500,000 SF Public Health IT Help Desk training program
  • Contract compliance experience: DOL, DOR, CDBG grants, federal JWOD contracts

Disability Recruitment, Staffing and Retention

  • Training on Reasonable Accommodations for people with psychiatric disabilities
  • Reducing hiring costs through tax credits and incentives: WOTC, Enterprise Zone and others
  • Mental health stigma awareness, MH system, symptom management in the workplace
  • Partnering with nonprofits to reduce recruitment and training costs