Now you can shop for products and services that hire and train people with disabilities and other barriers to employment:

Service/Product People Helped Web Link
bread-512 Baked Goods Economically Disadvantaged Greyston Bakery
Psychiatric & Poverty Rubicon Bakery
Janitorial-Services-icon Janitorial Developmentally Disabled Hope Janitorial Services
All Disabilities Toolworks Commerical Janitorial 
Landscape Icon Landscaping All Disabilities Community Gatepath Landscaping
Psychiatric & Poverty Rubicon Landscaping
packaging_icon Production/Assembly Warehouse Developmentally Disabled Hope Production Services
Psychiatric disabilities Hire-Ability Production Services
 Restaurant-Blue-icon  Restaurant Poverty/Formally Incarcerated  Delancey Street Cafe
 Cafe  Psychiatric Disabilities  Cafe Phoenix
 Retail-eCommerce-Icon  Retail Clothing Developmentally Disabled Hope Station
 Honey & Skin Care Products Formally Incarcerated Sweet Beginnings