♦ Disability and employment ♦ Mental health accommodations in the worksite ♦ Hiring incentive programs ♦ Using social networking to find jobs

♦ Hiring incentive programs ♦ Using social networking to find jobs ♦ Understanding vocational rehabilitation ♦ Job Developer training

Here is a list of recent presentations (Click on italicized title to download materials):Workforce Investment Boards & Nonprofit

Helping People With Psychiatric Disabilities Get Jobs , California Pacific Medical Center, Psychiatry Grand Rounds, San Francisco, CA,  September 2014

Workforce Investment Boards & Nonprofit Workforce Outreach, Bio-Link National Visiting Committee, Berkeley, CA, June 2014

 C3BC DOL TAACCCT Grant Workforce Development Survey, Community College Consortium for Biotech Credentials Annual Conference, Winston-Salem, NC, March 2014

Find Your Dream Job Using LinkedIn SFPL, SF Public Library, August 2013

Find Your Dream Job Using LinkedIn, SF City College – Bridge To Bioscience, May 2013

Good Faith Efforts, Exceptional Results, US Department of Labor Federal Contract Compliance Programs, San Francisco, CA, March 2013

Asset Development Through Employment: A Collaborative Approach, Asset Development Summit for Persons with Disabilities, San Francisco, CA, September 2012

Become a Job Development Ninja, Bay Area Coalition for Employment Development (BACED), San Francisco, CA, April 2012

Using Online Tools to Increase Placements, Department of Rehabilitation, San Francisco, April 2012

Helping People with Disabilities Get Jobs, San Francisco State Counseling 870, San Francisco, CA, March 2012

Fundamental Interpersonal Relations, Peninsula Works, Daly City, CA, December 2010

From Disability to Employment , Workforce Development Summit, San Francisco, CA, November 2010

Social Networking Approach to Job Development, Bay Area Coalition for Employment Development (BACED) – North Bay, San Francisco, CA, July 2010

From Disability to Employment , Kaiser Medical Center Psychiatric Department, San Francisco, CA May 2010

Listening Session, Office of Disability Employment Policy, San Francisco, CA, February 2010

Participant:  Obama for American Disability Policy Conference Call, January 2008

Panel Speaker:  Workforce Development Panel, California Institute for Mental Health Cultural Competence and Mental Health Summit, San Francisco, CA November 2006