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10 Apps to Land a Job

By Kara Ohngren|January 16, 2012 |0 Comments

With the job market more competitive than ever, job hunters are forced to become more savvy. In fact, 77 percent of job seekers now use mobile job search apps to land new gigs, according to a recent Mashable.com survey.

Luckily, there are tons of great on-the-go tools available that not only give you an edge, but also guide you through every step of the employment search process.

Here are 10 must-have apps to help you uncover your second act.

1. Pocket Resume

Price: $2.99

No need to sit down at your desktop to pound out a professional resume. This app allows you to create, maintain and email your resume — right from your iPhone. Dazzle hiring managers with easy-to-read layouts and style options. (Read more: 12 Steps to a Smart Resume.)

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